Friday, January 22, 2010

Into the minds of future cops 2

This is the second installment of comments made by my classmates on the Criminal Justice discussion board.

This weeks question is....

Which of the following would you prefer to work for? ATF, IRS, DEA, FBI, Secret Service
Explain your answer.

I would like to work for the DEA. I would like the thrill of knowing my life is on the line and that it could end within any moment because I am doing something to help the community be a safter place. Also, who wouldn't love being able to tear peoples houses inside out and it be legal? That is the one thing I plan on going into after college.


And you know I just had to respond to that one.

I wouldn't love to tear people's houses inside out and have it be legal. It's that mentality that makes people mistrust law enforcement. Why, do you think you would find invading people's homes and destroying their property enjoyable? Would you enjoy it if someone (legal or otherwise) did that to you? You sound more like a burglar wanna be than someone who wants to protect and serve.

I chose Secret Service because they are the least offensive group of those listed that I could work for.


sixstring said...

Scary but not surprising. This kind "thrill" is why the overwhelming majority of LEOs go into that job and why, as you point out, they are not trusted. At least this student is honest about their motivations. But these kinds of revelations should prevent her from ever becoming a cop, much less a DEA agent.

Anonymous said...

I think i would rather taste test assholes in a calcutta slum than take any one of those job's We are obviously raising a nation of selfish little prick's who have no buis. living in a free country And will never know the feeling of helping another person or what it's like to help another stand up for their rights when they can not.
If these kid's are our future then some one please get DR.Kevorkian's phone # for me.

Loretta Nall said...

'''I think i would rather taste test assholes in a calcutta slum than take any one of those job's''''

anon that may be the funniest line I have ever read. I think I am injured from laughing so hard. Jesus where did you come up with that one? I'll have to save it for future use.

Anonymous said...

I wish i could take credit for all of it. But the truth is The taste test part was from a guy I met several yrs ago while in recovery for opiate dependency
& the calcutta part I added my self for a lil extra color and flavor. I usually only use it when trying to describe some of the most vile and digusting jobs one can think of. And any thing to do with the CIA FBI DEA OR ATF are very deserving of that description. muderous drug running narcs and gun grabbing church burning child killers are not part of the american dream.I am glad i was able to bring a smile to a few people with it . Please feel free to use it when ever describing any of the above agency's .. Peace Jim
B.T.W. [2 yrs clean now thanks to a good meth maint. program & a semi steady supply of good med can.]

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!