Sunday, January 24, 2010

J.D. Crowe is RUTHLESS...

And that's why I love him. Check out his latest masterpiece.....

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Ms. Cris Ericson said...

Hi! Loretta,
I wonder if you would help me compile a list of "Answers to Objections" to making marijuana legal.
For example:
Voters Objection: Marijuana is a gateway drug.
Candidate's Answer to objection: Only illegal marijuana has dangerous chemicals sprayed on it, 100% natural marijuana is safer than alchohol which is why we need to legalize it and sell it in stores so we know it hasn't been tampered with.
I need a whole list of Voters Objections to legalizing marijuana,
and a list of Answers to Objections which would include answer (a), (b), (c), (d) until you finally convince them, and they
give a different objection,
which you then overcome
with another of the answers to objections.

I have a radio talk show host trying to get me on his one hour show and I don't want to do it until I am properly prepared. He is inviting candidates to appear once a month.

Also, over at
in the Forum I put about 13 states rules for getting on the 2010 Ballot. I chose the states that are the easiest to get on the ballot. Some require very few signatures, less than 1000 for Governor or U.S. Representative, and some even let you pay to get on the ballot, check it out.

I can't cut & paste from U.S. Marijuana Party to elsewhere.
That's a problem for moving the information I put up.
I really want to create a state-by-state guide to getting marijuana legalization activists on the Ballot.

Oh, I put your speech video link on my website,