Monday, February 22, 2010

Aging MeMaw's & PePaw's frequently turning to Marijuana

Fascinating story on MSNBC about baby boomers more frequently turning to marijuana to ease their aches and pains. Great read.

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Gone2Potlessness said...

I'm surprised that there aren't MORE comments to this MSNBC article, Loretta...

- If only ALL 40-somethings, 50-somethings, 60(+)-somethings knew firsthand,
BELIEVED wholeheartedly...
(NOT discounting any prior-knowledge as mere youthful experimentation / indiscretion / failing...),
THE superior-efficacy of cannabis as a safer, more effective pain-reliever and
sleep-aid than present OTC and prescription medications, it would be completely
re-legalized again!!! It ought to be so already, (and yet, it still isn't so EVERYWHERE),
just "somewhat so" in a scant percentage of the more politically-progressive and coastal states...

- Counter-intuitive to pot-stereotypes, America would be FAR more productive if cannabis
were readily available to ANY working-age adult, ESPECIALLY THOSE needlessly "sidelined"
by constant, debilitating pain and poor-quality, non-restorative sleep...!!!
(Such as the author of THIS comment...who has Gone2Potlessness).