Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alex Nall Accepted to Auburn University Honors College

I am one extremely proud parent today (again!). Not only did my son Alex earn a full tuition 4 year scholarship to Auburn University a few months ago, today he learned that he has been accepted into the Auburn University Honors College. That is an amazing accomplishment! Only 200 students are selected each year into Honors College each year. It's more challenging than just regular curriculum and a certain grade point average has to be maintained in order to remain in...but Alex never met a challenge he didn't like.

Congratulations Alex! You have made your mama the proudest human being on the face of the earth.


Smokin' Deist said...

That's pretty awesome! What's his major going to be?

Loretta Nall said...

Thanks Deist...He is majoring in software engineering. He wants to be a video game designer.

Don said...

Congratulations to Alex and his mom.

nanakin1 said...

I just saw this! Congratulations to both of you. Please tell Alex I am so proud of him.
Hugs to all,
Nancy Scott