Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crack Bust at Taco Bell !!!

So, my mom is visiting this week and we decided to go out and eat at Taco Bell today. As we were sitting around the table eating my mom said, "Loretter, turn around yonder and look behind you."

Not being able to resist a command from my mother, and seeing that the expression on her face was one of extreme amusement, I took the bait and turned around. And here is what I saw.

Good Gawd Ten pounds of crack! Talk about 'Outside the Bun'. Or...Outside Buns...or something.

Couldn't resist taking a picture. Made mom pretend I was taking one of her so 'Butt Cheeks' there wouldn't get up and kick my ass.

The rest of the meal was spent with me, my mom, my daughter, and my husband trying to come up with the best title for this blog post while trying not to choke to death on our tacos or laugh too loud. Hubby won!


Gluteus Minimus said...

- The way her 'cheeks' are spilling-out, that's just plain UNsanitary...
(Alt post-title:
"Thinking Outside the 'BUM'")

- It would've been very brave of you to offer her some sort of 'chair-protector',
one of those paper tray-covers, perhaps...

honestysrevival said...


I thought this was a serious post for a minute. I literally said. "Ten pounds of crack... in ALEX CITY? OF ALL PLACES?!"
and then I saw the picture. o.m.g.

Letters from Ripley said...

About eight years ago when these 'hugger' pants started to appear and women who should have worn a size 16 pair of pants squeezed into a pair of size 14...things have gone downhill.

As a older gentleman...watching this display of teenage women showing too much...I've observed that it is twice as bad with women over thirty years old. You can't ban it, and you can't even walk up to the lady involved to suggest that it isn't helping them.

So in this public forum...if any of you ladies should read this...and you are over the age of 21...please don't wear the hip hugger pants. Guys appreciate a rounded woman, but not butt cracks. So do us a favor and stay with the regular jeans and a tube top...and everything will be ok.

Christie O'Brien said...


woodbutcher said...

I like the first post's idea of ass gaskets for the seat's.That was a lil much. I would have to have a hell of a case of the munchies to eat while looking at what apperars to be the Grand canyon of Alabama. well At least I wont feel so bad next time some dips@%& gives crap about having long hair and being a cannabis consumer. At least with the money I saved on hair cuts I can afford a pair of pants that cover all the body parts required by law .