Friday, March 05, 2010

I'z haz a new baby mini-goat

UPDATE: It's a girl! And I have named her Mary Jane. Couple of new pics added.

Yesterday, while I was in Mobile with a group of ACC patients attending the Heads vs. Feds event at the University of South Alabama, my female mini-goat Fig had a baby. We had suspected that she was pregnant seeing as how she was about to split like a grape! I told my husband last week that I bet she would give birth in March...and damn if she didn't pick the day I was gone to do it. Anyway, I got a couple shots of the little feller (I think it's a feller...haven't looked) this morning. If this isn't the cutest damn thing you ever saw then there is something very different about our version of what cute is.


Anonymous said...

She is indeed one of the cutest new born critters i have seen in a while and you just gotta love the name of luck with your newest family member. I am asuming that since this one has a name it is for milking and looking at not for roasting.

Loretta Nall said...

Yes anon she is a pet. All of my farm animals are pets. Could never bring myself to gobble up something I hand raised short of starvation and not even sure I could do it then. The only thing we eat from the animals around here are chicken and duck eggs.