Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy 420 Y'all...Let's All Get Stoned

It was three years ago today that my marijuana possession case was dismissed from court because the judge ruled the warrant was faulty and because the DA tainted the entire jury pool. How sweetly ironic that my case was dismissed on this most holy day for cannabis consumers. Ahh poetic justice!

It was two years ago today that I spent 420 with my close friend and mentor Marc Emery in Vancouver BC celebrating 420 Vancouver Style. Was even on the CBC National News throwing massive joints out to the crowd.

This 420 I am in an even more celebratory mood because we passed the medical marijuana bill out of the house judiciary committee a little less than two weeks ago. That was a monumental feat.

So much love and many tasty, sticky green buds to all the tokers in Alabama and across the globe.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Loretta, I cant remember what site I met u but it was like 2006 and I was praying for u during last election Im way up here in MI
I have a blog stop by

and I follow you on twitter heres a link to shorten the links you post its pretty cool.
I hope that does it I signed out but I dont know if it will show my info (hope not) But if u shorten yur links u can write more on yur twitter message.