Friday, April 09, 2010

Stop Spreading Rumors...Whoever You Are

I heard from a friend of mine who was at the State House this week that there is a rumor going around that I called Rep. Spencer Collier an ugly name on my blog because of the amendment he wanted to add to our bill.

There isn't a word of truth to that. While I don't like the amendment he proposed I feel we made a lot of progress with Rep. Collier this year and I am optimistic about the future of this bill.

I actually said some very nice things about Rep. Collier in my post about the committee meeting and I had a conversation with him after the vote on the bill where we agreed to work together over the break between sessions and find common ground. Here's the post I am referring to Reflections......

I have called Rep. Collier's office and left a message and I have also sent him an email that says pretty much the same thing as this post.

Whoever it is spreading rumors at the State House needs to grow up and cut that nonsense out. If you have opposition to the bill then let's talk about it. Starting BS rumors is a cowardly thing to do.


sixstring said...

Seems that anyone who cared could read your blog to see for themselves, including Collier.
Nowhere in your blog was Collier called an ugly name. Well, he was referred to as a former cop. Someone, not you, said he sounded like the cop he once was by wanting to presume everyone guilty even though they had been legally licensed.

Loretta Nall said...

Rep. Collier emailed me back yesterday and told me he had not heard that and if he had he wouldn't have put any stock in it. He thanked me for introducing myself after the committee hearing and again said he is willing to work with us on the bill.

To some it may seem silly to have even addressed this....however, I have to take everything like this very seriously because anyone on the judiciary committee could kill the bill right off the bat next session if they have some sort of grudge against me.

According to the person who told me this the rumor was started to try and demonize me and cause someone on the judiciary committee to form a grudge. Whoever it is hates the medical marijuana bill....but is gutless and won't come out and say what their issues with the bill they go after me instead.

That's cool. I love a good fight! :)

Don said...

Loretta, this is just another example of how dirty politics is and how it’s played, as I know you know as well as I do. As usual, you are on top of everything and immediately took action to set the record straight with Rep. Collier

There are times when it’s appropriate to call people names and you always tell it like it is. That’s one reason I admire you.
Then there are other times when honey attracts more followers than vinegar does. You know how to be diplomatic when diplomacy is called for…..all the more reason for everyone to admire you.