Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Attorney says "Teel is innocent"

From the Talladega Daily Home

Teel's attorney says his client 'looks forward to proving his innocence'


SYLACAUGA — The attorney for a recently arrested assistant district attorney in Coosa County stated his client “looks forward to proving his innocence.”

Authorities charged Frank Teel, a Sylacauga resident who also practices law in Rockford, and Gadsden lawyer Frank Bailey, 58, with extortion, bribery and ethics violations on Wednesday.

Teel’s attorney, Rod Giddens of Sylacauga, spoke on his client’s behalf in response to news reports and information released by Attorney General Troy King’s office.

Giddens said Teel, 59, and Bailey represented Roger Firestone of Etowah County in a civil claim against Carl Weaver of Gadsden. Giddens also said the two attorneys attempted to settle the claim through Weaver’s attorney, Jay Stover.

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Here's the thing. In Alabama, and probably everywhere else, it borders on impossible to get a DA or an Assistant DA arrested. The fact that the ABI did arrest both Teel and Bailey leads me to believe that they have the goods on both of them.

I've got calls lined up for later today with a family member of one of the murder victims as well as someone from Gadsden who says that attorney Jay Stover has been involved in previous extortion attempts.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Stover in my opinion is not a man that can be trusted. He is also a Judge in Rainbow City who works hand in hand with CRO sending kids with minor alcohol charges to be mixed in with felony drug dealers and addicts. Countless of them have ended up on opiates making Etowah County DEU claim they are the most successful in the state. His partner a Southside Judge is worse.

Anonymous said...

I think these guys are using drug courts and arrests as a racket to make money for their pockets, isn't that federal crime? and a judge in New York, just got busted doing what you said you think these judges are doing, using their offices for personal gain, at the expense of tax payers...sounds like the Feds need to be all up in Etowah County