Friday, May 14, 2010

High Profile Defense Attorney joins Nodine Marijuana Case Defense

Well-known criminal defense lawyer appears in court with Nodine's attorney in pot case

MOBILE, Ala. -- Mobile County Commissioner Stephne Nodine's attorney, Matt Green, walked into the grand jury room this morning with well-known southwest Alabama criminal defense lawyer Jeff Deen.

The grand jury is expected to report this afternoon whether it has indicted Nodine on drug charges in connection with a small amount of marijuana found inside his county-issued truck in December.

It's really sad that this slime ball is in any way associated with marijuana. The only thing linking the marijuana story and the Angel Downs death story together are Nodine. Marijuana has nothing to do with this. Even if Nodine had been arrested for possession of it, like us commoners would have been, he would have been out of jail in a few minutes on a misdemeanor charge and Ms. Downs would likely still be dead, if in fact, Nodine is the one who pulled the trigger. Nodine is the bad guy here....not the weed.

For more on the Steve Nodine marijuana case go here and here.


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