Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I should have run for Governor again...Is it too late?

The following is a collection of Alabama gubernatorial hopeful campaign ads. These particular ads are Republican. Not picking on them...just haven't watched all of the other ads yet and had to mention these because they are so damn dumb and uninformative....as usual.

After watching them you will have a much better understanding of why Alabama is as fucked up as it is.

Tim James English Only Driver License Exam Ad

Tim James Sex Offender Ad

So, Tim, can sex offenders only register in English? BTW, got any real ideas on issues that actually matter to the masses of unemployed people who have lost their homes, cars, and are about to run out of unemployment benefits?

Next up is Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore's 'Brand New Day' song...sung by brothers (just in case there is a black person in Alabama who might actually consider voting for Roy Moore)....No shit. Brothers.

And here is the same song being sung by a country white person in case Roy's super majority white base gets pissed off about the whole brother thing.

And what about you Roy? Got any ideas other than Jesus, marble statues, and how government can insert itself more vigorously into our private daily lives, Mr. "Small government conservative"? I'm afraid your idea of a 'Brand New Day' would be the dawn of the New Dark Ages for the rest of us.

Every four years it is like this in Alabama. I can't decide who is dumber....the candidates or the people who give them money to put stupid shit like this on my TV screen and then vote for them.

I really wish I had thrown my hat in the ring for governor again this year.....if for no other reason than to make incredible and satirical fun of these bumbling fools who wish to keep Alabama a third world country. Is it too late?


Kathy Freeman said...

I also watched the new Tim James for governor commercial about being stricter towards sex offenders. Does anyone remember HIS FATHER in 1999 commuting Judith Neelley's Death sentence to life with out? She and her husband raped, tortured and murdered a 13 year old girl by the name of Lisa Ann Millican.This child was raped and tortured FOR 3 whole DAYS. Then taken to Little River Canyon where she was injected numerous times with Draino, shot in the back, Then was ultimately pushed over canyon to her death. Neelley in my book is a SEX OFFENDER. He and her husband Alvin are listed under serial killers. There were at least 15 rape/assaults and murders. I can get No One on his side to respond as to how he (Tim James) feels about his father commuting this womans death sentence to life with out!! It is an absolute joke! I feel James is only saying what he thinks Alabama wants to hear!!

Anonymous said...

The Way I see it, Roy Moore broke the law. He had to be forcably removed from office. How can he call himself a "Judge". Hell, He should still be in prison as far as I'm concerned, and here he is running for Governor.

sixstring said...

These f'n idiots!

I guess it's never too late to run as a write in candidate. How much more democratic could it be? I'll write you in or Rep. Todd.

Just because we choose our own master, that don't make us free.

Mary aka Willis said...

As an independent, do you have to petition in each county to get on the ballot?

According to info at the AL Sec'y of State's website, you have until June 1 to petition to be on the ballot.


Mary aka Willis said...

oooo, a write-in campaign - I like it!

Almoderate said...

I don't think it's too late. All you really seem to have to do is throw around some rhetoric (best collected by repeating whatever you happened to overhear at the bar last night) and completely sidestep the important issues and *BAM* you have a voter base.

Don said...

I just wish there were at least one candidate I had enough confidence in to vote for. Even dumber than the candidates and those who pay for their ads are “We the People” who vote for the candidates.....but they have no other choices to choose from. I guess they could just choose to not vote or to write in other names on their ballots. Should I write in your name again? :-)