Monday, May 10, 2010

In case you're missing it

Mobile County Commissioner Stephen Nodine's mistress turned up dead yesterday around the time he was leaving her house in his county truck.

From the Press Register.....

Nodine talks to police about woman's shooting death

Gulf Shores shooting victim identified

Sheriff says he did not ask for Commissioner's help in locating Stephen Nodine

Neighbors say Nodine was at victim's home all day

Warrant sought for Nodine's Mobile County Truck in shooting death case

Nodine's truck, victims house searched

Downs, Nodine seen at beach on day of shooting

Some of you will remember Mr. Nodine from a few months ago when he was allegedly caught with marijuana in his county vehicle. I wondered at the time if he wasn't set up for the marijuana charge. It all seemed a little too convenient for me. No doubt I am reassessing that theory in light of this story.

Did he really kill her and drive away thinking no one would see him? Did she kill herself in front of him and he just drove away without summoning help?


Letters from Ripley said...

If Nodine was going to do something this stupid...he would have put more effort into this and had a better alibi. I would be leaning toward a second mistress out there with jealous motives or payback from someone that Nodine knew.

And you really don't know the state of mind for this liaison gal. She could have threaten suicide a dozen times and Nodine started to disbelieve these attempts as bogus.

But this certainly would make a great Matlock show script...if you asked me...small town political figure, potential murder, people with dislike of the guy, and probably corrupt cops in the local town.

sixstring said...

Maybe Nodine was "hopped" up on marijuana and went crazy.....

Nah, sounds like a suicide.

Elyton Observer said...

Here's a post that knew the victim personally. Nodine's threats to harm Angel were well known in Gulf Shores for several years. Being a womanizing drunk might not be illegal, but murder is.

Elyton Observer said...

you can refuse to approve my post, however, I just learned a great deal about you. Elyton Observer.

Loretta Nall said...

Elyton...I am not at my computer 24 hours a day. I only just sat down to check my email and saw your two comments awaiting approval. Only 23 minutes elapsed between your first comment and your second.

What have you 'learned' about me in those 23 minutes that most of the world who knows me doesn't already know?

sixstring said...

Where is the post Elyton is referring to?
Elyton, besides "well known in Gulf Shores", is there any other evidence Nodine is responsible?
I'm not questioning you, I'm just curious.

sixstring said...

Why are you refusing to approve my post?:)