Thursday, June 03, 2010

Yusuf Salaam gets Ass Handed to Him

I am thrilled to learn that Yusuf Salaam of Selma went down in flames in Tuesday's election. Salaam was beaten by opponent Darrio Melton who has no opposition in the November election.

As a member of the House Judiciary Committee Salaam has been nothing but an ignorant thorn in the ass of ACC for the last 6 years. Here's hoping his replacement will be more willing to listen and might actually read information about upcoming bills that is placed in his/her hands by people who care enough about said bill(s) to make the trek to Montgomery and discuss it with the members of the legislature.

Also glad to see Rep. James Gordon from Mobile go down. He deserved it for sponsoring HB697. Guess touting that you were able to outlaw a substance that no one really knows anything about wasn't a big vote getter this election year, eh Rep. Gordon?


sixstring said...

YEAH! Salaam out! But who will advise us constitutional law now?

Loretta Nall said...

sixstring....I don't know how we will manage without a 'cereal box' Constitutional Law expert.

I truly wonder if he is a Constitutional law expert as he claims. Sure doesn't seem to know a great deal about it or even have a basic understanding of it based on what I've seen in the judiciary committee meetings.

Chris said...

Salaam going down kicks major ass! Who knows maybe he'll go grow a few "acres" of marijuana.

Don said...

sixstring, I’m just an under-educated old man who has had no legal training, but the US Constitution isn’t that difficult for anyone to read and understand. We don’t need a constitutional law adviser.

sixstring said...

Yes, it seems it's easy to understand. But, as an example, when a jury trial for "ALL criminal prosecutions" (6th Amend.)is interpreted to mean petty offenses—those punishable by imprisonment for not more than six months—are not covered by the jury requirement, then my understanding is strained.
And Sallam was SOOOO much help in this regard.