Tuesday, August 03, 2010

$1 Million bounty for Sheriff Arpaio's head

A Mexican Drug Cartel has placed a $1 million dollar bounty on Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio's head.

It may be wrong for me to wish such a thing, but I sincerely hope they take that self righteous, cruel bastard out. Hell, I would like to contribute to that bounty, truth be told.

My only question is...would they like his head on a stick or a platter?


Smokin' Deist said...

The only problem would be that would create a martyr--that could be more disastrous than letting him live. The only surefire way to really take him down would be to uncover a really messed up skeleton hiding in his closet. Something along the lines of him using drugs and being uncovered as a gigantic hypocrite or evidence of pedophilia.

I know we all wish it was easier to remove tools like him from such positions of authority.

Drew Vapormoore said...

Smokin' Deist,
Thank you for the cautions and caveats.

As for uncovering
Sheriff Joker Piehole's
"Worst skeletons in his closet",
look at these article-finds from
the Phoenix New Times
as well as the latest...
"Joe Arpaio's Worst Nightmare"


Anonymous said...

I dont think wishing for some one to put an end to evil especialy the kind of evil this man is responsible for is wrong.It's a normal human reaction to be that frustrated and that angry that it has had to come to this for it to finaly have a chance at it coming to an end.I just hope wher ever he goes in the spirit world he has to walk around in pink under wear and eat moldy bread 3 times a day