Thursday, September 02, 2010

A House Made of Hemp

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Anonymous said...

This is really cool.I have been building homes for over 30 yrs now and have been waiting for 15 or more of them to see this start to take off.Hempcrete Works great for walls and floors and hemp also makes a real nice composite board .They also just this week realesed a story about a canadian company that makes a electric car that's body is made of hemp.If it wasnt for Duponts war against this plant we could have been using these materials for yrs now for a long list of products that dupont currently makes from petro chemicals.
This plant could easily be used for new home construction and combined with some of the new tiny/small house designs could allow almost any one to build their own small home for what most pay in interest payment's on a traditional 1500 sqr ft home.But that would only be good for the consumer and not so good for the banksters and narcs who make a living off of keeping us in debt and in jail.