Friday, September 17, 2010

Sorry Hell!

A man in Florida stands up to the bullies tormenting his daughter on the school bus.

Many of you may have no idea how damn close I've come to doing that exact same thing...or the last few years. I, personally, don't see what he has to be sorry for. I think he deserves kudos.



Ron Crumpton said...

I have sorta, my son was a ninth grader practicing with the varsity football team when one of the seniors holding his helmet in his hand hit my son in the helmet with his helmet as hard as he could. My boy was out on the field and the coach did nothing to the senior. twenty minutes later the police escorted me from mid-field where I was yelling at the coach.

No charges were filed against me, and my son is now home schooled.

Loretta Nall said...

We home schooled for a while, but had to send our daughter back to public school. I was working 3rd shift at the time and it was just impossible to make home school work under those conditions. I applaud parents for home schooling their kids for whatever reasons they choose.

My daughter was bullied so bad that I actually had to take her out in the yard and teach her how to kick someone's ass should the need ever arise. The school wouldn't do anything about it and the bus driver wouldn't do anything about I spent a whole weekend teaching her how to fight and win a fight. Then I called a conference at school the following week, told them that I had given my daughter permission to start stomping the shit out of anyone who messed with her and that if they did not address the problem then someone was going to get hurt.

It stopped after that. Until this year. I've already had to call the school once and remind them about the new anti-bullying policy recently adopted by the state school board. Since then everything has been smooth. We will see how long it lasts this time.

Starchild said...

I agree, Loretta! The way that kid was grinning, it's obvious he didn't learn his lesson at all. Probably will go right back to being a bully. His mom should get a clue and teach her own kid to behave better, instead of getting mad at the other girl's father for stepping in to be the parent that was obviously needed in that situation.