Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas book drive for Marc Emery

I get a letter and a phone call from Marc Emery nearly every day. He has been given the position of Librarian at D Ray James correctional facility in Folkston, GA. That is a perfect position for him seeing as how he has owned some sort of book store since the age of 16, is a genius despite not even possessing a GED and loves to read more than anyone I know.

Problem is that the library he is in charge of has almost no books and absolutely no magazines. What books they do have are years outdated. And there are no Spanish books or magazines anywhere in the prison, despite the fact that 700 of the 750 inmates are Spanish speaking.

So, Marc has asked me to organize a book and magazine drive for the prison. Here is what I need readers to do.

Buy a year subscription to any of the following magazines and have them sent to

Marc Emery #40252-086
Unit Q Pod 2,
CI D Ray James,
PO Box 2000,
Folkston GA, 31537

Here is a list of magazines he requested.

Spanish Magazines

Don Balon
GO (en espanol)
Mechanica Popular (en espanol)
Men's Health (en espanol)
National Geographic (en espanol)
My Interesante
People (en espanol)
TV y Novelas
Pre Seso
El Zeta
Readers Digest (en espanol) and English
American Curves (in English and Spanish)

Marc has also requested that books and magazine you may have just laying around the house be sent. One per envelope addressed to him or to the other librarian Mr. Folk, at the same address (sans the prisoner number if sending to Mr. Folk).

So please take a moment and order a years subscription to one of these magazines listed above, look around your house for books and magazines that you are no longer using, pack them up and send them off. This is important and a very small thing to do for someone who badly needs your help.

Subscriptions are cheaper at Tradewindspublications.com

Marc is hanging in there best he can. The conditions are deplorable, food gross and insubstantial and at least one employee is an absolute monster. From his letter the other day

"Today the inspectors were here from the BOP asking about the quality of the food we get served. Boy that was good! I told them the only "fresh" fruit we ever get is a scrawny orange that Florida/Georgia would be ashamed of, one every two days. Never an apple or a banana. God forbid Georgia is the Peach state, How bout some peaches?"

Good that he is keeping his sense of humor intact.

Please make his stay there more bearable by sending the magazine subscriptions listed above. Also send him a subscription of the Miami Herald (both Spanish and English) and a subscription to the Nassau Guardian.

Soft cover books and magazines may be sent through regular post. Hard cover books must be ordered and delivered from a bookstore such as Amazon.


Valis said...

Glad to hear some news about Marc, even if it isn't that great.

I really wish I could send books/buy a subscription, but seeing as I'm in South Africa that would be a bit difficult!

There is a group of us here who have been following his case right from the beginning. Wish we could do more to help, but we are thinking of him at least.

Please post any news you get Loretta, we like to keep up with what's happening.

We are also working for legalisation this side, but it's an uphill struggle. You can check out the website here: http://www.4brothers.co.za/

Ps. I've been reading this site since the "boobs" campaign, when you ran for governor :)

Kind regards,

shavluk said...

Its a good thing I guess that americans are doing something...as we wont
we raised 50,000 for fight and he caved in to a coward and went to jail instead
you americans can have him
he is a sham and a fake

Loretta Nall said...

It's a real shame you feel that way shavluk. Marc is neither a sham nor a fake.

He is a great man who has moved the issue of cannabis re-legalization forward by light years across the globe. Thanks to him I, along with my counterparts at Alabamians for Compassionate Care, saved a man (who is a registered California patient) from 20 years in an Alabama prison on Monday. Thanks to Marc there is a real movement afoot in Alabama to bring medical marijuana to the sick and dying here.

I don't know anything about money raised for him to fight the charges. I know that he never wanted to take the plea deal but considering what he was faced with I know it was the right decision. He certainly did not belong in prison for the rest of his natural life and that is surely what would have happened if he had fought the American beast. Perhaps because you are Canadian you don't quite understand the horrific reality of the American criminal injustice system. It's easy to say that you yourself would have fought the charges had it been you in Marc's position....but it is far too easy for you and everyone else to Monday morning quarterback when it isn't you facing the rest of your life in prison.

Anonymous said...

right on and the fight is long and hard.Marc is a complicated and unusual man but he has fought the hard fight.Being as I used to play bad punk rock in the basement of his book store,City Lights and he never did overcharge us,I will buy a spanish language subscription magazine for his roommates.Cheers Marc,maybe me and some radio caroline dj's will have a BBQ for ya when ya get out.And it'll be better than a shitty cheese sandwich and weak tea.