Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Daughter is BRILLIANT!

Today was the Alabama Southern Regional Scholars Bowl competition in Reeltown, AL. For those of you who might not know Scholars Bowl is a Jeopardy-like competition for Jr. high through high school students. My daughter is on the team.

The competition today was six teams from schools in this area. Each team is made up of four students with however many alternates the team wants to have on hand. Bell's team was made up of 5 kids including her, so they only had one alternate. There are three series of ten questions where the kids buzz in to answer and one period where they do a worksheet to hand in. There were six rounds with four students from each school going head to head.

Bell's team has not practiced all year. Not one time.

Bell was in the first group from her school to go and after the first round it was decided that she would be on every round thereafter. :)

My daughter flat out dominated during all 6 rounds. She answered questions that I couldn't answer and probably about 95% of all questions answered for her team.

Her team came in second by only a few points and they are now headed to the state championship competition.

I'm so proud of her I could split. Gives a mama a magnificent feeling to see her child DOMINATE!

I am proud of the whole team....but especially proud of my Bell.

You Go Girl!


James said...

Congratulations! I did Scholar's Bowl for six years through grade school, and my team (Oak Mountain) only made it a few times.

Best of luck! Watch out for LAMP, they're tough.

Don said...

Apparently both of your children inherited a lot of genes from their mother.