Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free to good home

This little cutie pie followed Bell up the driveway after she got off the school bus yesterday. Looks to be a brindle pit bull about 3 or maybe 4 months old. Super sweet and affectionate. She was half starved and so naturally I fed her. She is a darling. Can't get or give enough love and affection. She is incredibly submissive....almost like she has been mistreated, but there are no marks on her that indicate that. I think someone just dumped her out because she is female.

I called the Humane Society here but they are a kill shelter and I just can't have that. Also called a bunch of rescues but they are all at max capacity and can't take any more. I really can't keep her. I have my German Shepherd and he is plenty.

If you would like to give this little angel a home please email me at
If you plan to fight her then don't bother contacting me.

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