Monday, June 06, 2011

Books you HAVE to read

If you like to read and especially enjoy Southern Humor then by all means check out the following books by John Pritchard..."Junior Ray" and "Yazoo Blues". My friend Marc Emery sent these to me after he finished them at the federal prison in Yazoo City and I have laughed so hard I've come close to having an accident. For your convenience you can purchase them from Amazon by clicking the links below.

Reading these books has inspired me to collect all the funny essays I wrote during and after my campaign for Governor and self publish them. Who knows...I might make the NYT best sellers list.


Smokin' Deist said...

I have little doubt that your book would do well.

Don said...

I agree with SD.....GO FOR IT!!

Loretta Nall said...

Thanks guys!

John Pritchard said...

Dear Ms. Nall,

This is just a note to tell you how much I appreciate your comments about my books, Junior Ray and The Yazoo Blues. I am deeply pleased by the fact that you loved reading them. And I am honored by the things you said.

Junior Ray keeps me awake at night, and he distracts me throughout the day. Somehow his intent to be horrid translates into a peculiar charm. And he doesn't always know what he is saying. For instance, I took him to a political demonstration. As the motorcade of conservative SUVs groaned by in front of us, a woman on the other side of Junior Ray raised her fist at the Rightwing convoy and yelled: "Get your hands out of my uterus!" Almost instantly, before I could stop him, Junior Ray held up HIS fist and shouted: "Mine too, Sumbich!"

Thank you, Ms. Nall. You were wonderful to write the things you did about my work. It means a great deal to me. And I am absolutely thrilled by it.

John Pritchard

Loretta Nall said...

Mr. Pritchard,

I am so glad that you discovered my praise of your work on my blog. I throughly enjoyed Junior Ray and The Yazoo Blues as did my friend Marc Emery. He said he had learned more about the South from those books than from any other source.

About Jr. Ray and the pro-choice rally....that sounds just like him. Can't wait for the next book.

In the meantime perhaps you would enjoy reading some of my work. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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