Sunday, October 23, 2005

Linking candidate to drugs is unfair

Linking candidate to drugs is unfair

Don Seibold

October 23. 2005 3:15AM

Dear Editor: In regards to Robert Workman’s letter of Oct. 20, “Drugs aren’t Libertarians’ top issue": I don’t call myself a Libertarian, but I must respond to Mr. Workman, because I believe he has done a disservice to Loretta Nall’s campaign to become our governor.

Either he must be attempting to prevent her from becoming the Libertarian candidate, or else he is simply uninformed about her campaign issues. I have recently looked at her campaign Web site, and heard her twice on local talk radio programs in Montgomery, and she is far from being a one-issue candidate, although it seems media is attempting to make her look that way.

I may not vote for her, but I will say that Loretta Nall impressed me with her knowledge and her ability to more than hold her own when being interviewed.

More impressive to me, is that as part of a project of mine, I have submitted a question by e-mail to, thus far, eight candidates for governor or lieutenant governor, and she was the only one even to be courteous enough to acknowledge receiving it.

My question was: “Will you actively support the proposition of bringing Initiative and Referendum [I&R] to the voters of Alabama, both in your campaign, and afterward?" Loretta Nall replied the same day I sent it to her with a response of “Yes.


Thank you Don. I appreciate your efforts.

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