Thursday, March 30, 2006

April Campaign Events

Dear Friends and Supporters,

April is going to be an extremely busy month for us at the Nall for Governor Campaign HQ. The following is a list of events currently on my calendar.

On April 8 the Alabama Libertarian Party will hold its annual convention where I will hopefully receive the LP nomination to run for Governor of Alabama. If you are an Alabama resident and you support my candidacy for Governor I implore you to come to the convention. I need a full house to show the LP and the media how much support there is for my campaign. The details are at the link above.

I have to be in court on April 10 unless my attorney is able to get that changed.

On April 11th I am holding a news conference on the steps of the Capitol to formally announce my candidacy and kick off the campaign. Your attendance at the press conference is vital. I'll help you get there if that is needed.
Please let me know.

On April 20th I am speaking to the Mobile County Landowners Association at their candidate meet & greet.

On April 21st I'll be at the other end of the state participating in the the PTA Candidate forums in Huntsville.

On April 28th I will be speaking to the Alabama Forest Owners Association in Montgomery.

And on April 29th I am flying to Vancouver for the International Harm Reduction Conference. The tab for this is being picked up by the DPA because it involves the other legislative work I am currently working on.

Please MAKE A CONTRIBUTION to ensure that I will be able to meet my committments in the month of April.

Also, campaign ad season is about to open and, since it is unlikely that I will have ballot access, most of my resources will be directed to a hard-hitting ad campaign. Please help ensure that I have the resources I need to continue to be a factor in this election. With your help we will achieve major strides toward freedom in Alabama.

I have campaign signs and large info cards available to any Alabama volunteers who would like them. Please send me your name and address and how many of each you would like and I will get them out to you. I need people willing to place signs and distribute the info cards in every county in Alabama. This campaign depends in large part on grassroots networking and word of mouth advertising. Campaign signs and cards are also available at the Libertarian Party HQ located at 2330 Highland Ave. in Birmingham.

In Liberty,
Loretta Nall
Vote Nall Y'all...It's Just Common Sense

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