Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Our Kids?

"Our first priority is to keep our kids safe, that they need to be back in school," Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said after meeting with Romer, Bratton and Sheriff Lee Baca this afternoon. "And it's important for parents to understand that beginning today we will be strictly applying our truancy laws."

OUR kids?
Excuse me...OUR KIDS?

You see....this is what public school leads to. The government is convinced that they own our children because many of us have no choice but to send them to public school.

In San Pedro, about 500 students marched along a stretch of the Harbor (110) Freewayleading toward the Vincent Thomas Bridge, Bratton said. Police managed to herd the youths off the freeway before they reached the bridge and cited about 100 of them for truancy.

"herd the youths off"

As if our children are cattle or sheep or some other pack animal.

I think next year....homeschool is in the works.

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