Friday, April 14, 2006

Libertarians Make it Official

This is a really great opinion piece which points out my broad appeal to voters of all stripes. I honestly believe if I can keep up this kind of good media coverage then on November 7 I will be elected the new Governor of Alabama.

Kim, if you are reading sincerest thanks for this piece.

The Wetumpka Herald
Kim Price, Editor

When you go to the ballot box on June 6, you will find candidates listed under the Republican and Democrat tickets. You will have to decide which ticket you support in the primary. You cannot vote for candidates from both parties on June 6.

The runoff date has been changed to July 18 this year by the Legislature to allow service men and women overseas to vote. You can cross-over vote if you wish in that election.

There will not be a ballot for a Libertarian candidate for governor, Loretta Nall. She has no opposition from within her party, but she will be on the general election ballot. Her candidacy required enough signatures from other Libertarians to make it official.

When she first came on the political scene, she was referred to as the “marijuana” candidate, referencing her stand to legalize marijuana.

When the Libertarian Party met last weekend to make her their official candidate, the only mention of her pro-marijuana stand was Nall’s platform - which one must assume is the party platform - for reforming drug policies in the state.

And there were some other interesting items on her agenda, many ideas that are supported across the state by Democrats and Republicans surprisingly.

"My candidacy heralds the dawn of a new era in Alabama politics in which the common people will once again have a voice in their government and common sense will rule on Goat Hill," she said in a released statement.

Nall's platform, which she calls “just common sense,” promotes “Initiative and Referendum, drug policy and prison reform, tax cuts for private and home school families, repealing sales tax on food, non-compliance with the Patriot and REAL ID Acts, calling for Alabama National Guard troops to be brought home from Iraq, separation of religion and government, legal lottery and casino gambling run by private enterprise and the promotion and development of alternative fuel sources so that Alabama can begin to decrease its dependence on foreign oil.”

She held a news conference yesterday at the State Capitol where two other Libertarian candidates and Nall officially kicked off their campaigns.

In the last election, the Libertarian candidates received more votes than any previous election. That may signal some positive signs for Nall, but in Alabama politics money talks, and Nall’s ability to raise money to get her name in public view will be the key to any success that she might garner.

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