Thursday, April 13, 2006

Talk Back Video

Watch Loretta Nall on WAKA Channel 8's TALK BACK

I think the segment went GREAT and I am very happy with it. The news crew was very supportive of my ideas and I think they all really enjoyed my un-stuffed shirtiness....yeah yeah I know that isn't a word...but you know what I mean.

One member if the news crew said,"I am so disenfranchised with our current choices I am almost sick. I want the government out of my wallet and my personal business."

And I said, "My you sound like a Libertarian."

This person asked for some info cards and said they would be investigating the LP and likely voting for me as well.

I wasn't really sure how to answer the "role model" question. I was thinking "Man politicians are about the worst possible role models for anyone...maybe you should find them some new ones"....but I thought that might sound rude.
I am not sure that saying what I said was any less rude but, really, being a role model is not in the job description.

I loved the little guy from Ridge Crest which is an inner city housing project calling in and saying "let by gones be by gones...we support you..."
That was priceless!!

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David said...

I watched the video you were great keep it up