Monday, June 05, 2006

Ballot Access War...The Final Battle

Dear Supporters,

We are down to the wire on collecting enough signatures to have my name as the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor placed on the November ballot. On primary day, June 6, 2006 I have to submit 41,300 registered voter signatures to the Alabama Secretary of States office by no later than 5 p.m. in order to qualify.

I am going to take a few paragraphs here and bitch loudly about how unfair and unconstitutional this is to all of us. Whether you love me, hate me or have no particular strong feeling about me either way, you are being prevented from voicing your opinion at the polls with regard to my candidacy. The state thinks you are too stupid to make a reasonable choice for governor when there are more than two candidates, therefore they must prevent at all costs, any additional choices aside from Republocrat.

When you look at the choices you are likely to have come November 7, 2006, you'll see that there is virtually no difference between them.

* They all claim to love Jesus more than their opponent and they are dead set on making you love Jesus too.

* They all claim to hate homosexuals more than their opponent and they are dead set on making you hate homosexuals as much as they do.

* They all oppose Initiative & Referendum and a Constitutional Reform Convention. Some have even said that they do not trust the voters to make their own choices.

* They are all Federal Government Lovers and will bend us all over their pork barrels and shaft us mightily for a Government dollar.

* They are all against any sort of meaningful drug policy and prison reform. They are content to keep wasting money, creating crime and social chaos, locking up children for nothing more than a little youthful indiscretion and destroying family units while drug use continues to rise.

* They are content to turn our state into one of cops and inmates...simply choose which side of the gun you will be on....all on our dime. They steal our money and hold it hostage in order to force us to create laws that we would not otherwise choose for ourselves.

* They are all pro-Iraq War and are content to continue shipping our kids off to the meat grinder when we could eaisly produce the fuel we need in Alabama from renewable resources. Notice few if any of their own children are fighting this war.

* They are all content to allow Washington D.C. spy on you and violate every constitutional right and civil liberty granted by the Constitution without so much as a squeek of protest.

What makes me really angry is the fact that people like Larry (I hate Niggers, Jews, Fags, Christians and Mexicans) Darby, Joe (free vasectomies & tubaligations for all especially non-whites) Copeland and Harry (Hey, let's have public hangings of Mexicans) Lyons, all get AUTOMATIC access to the ballot because they decided to align with the Democrats (whether the Democrats wanted them or not).
(Gawd there are fruitcakes like this running and they say I'm stoned!)

I have to say here that the whole Larry Darby infiltration of the Democratic Party is an absolute scream. For the record, I do not endorse Larry Darby. I find his white supremacist/Holocaust denial/shoot illegal immigrants/reawaken white awareness views nothing less that repugnant and offensive. He and I both agree on drug policy and are both Atheist but the similarities end there. He is a very bad representative of both those noble causes IMHO.

Having said that I now want to stress that this is exactly what the Democrats deserve for being a willing party to enacting such restrictive ballot access laws. They keep everyone out except the people who claim to be like them and what they get is someone joining them who claims to be like them and then reveals their true intent when it is too late to do anything about it.
Ha!! You Bastards...that is EXACTLY what you deserve. I feel absolutely NO SYMPATHY!

See, if we had fair ballot access laws then people like Larry Darby, Joe Copeland and Harry Lyon could get on the ballot as say the "Hateful Cracker Bastards Party" and never have to infiltrate another party and embarass them to this degree.

This is poetic justice if ever there was though. This is their shit...perhaps they should be ashamed of what they have eaten. ( Note: The Republicans deserve it too but no one infiltrated their ranks this go round...maybe next time).

If you feel you are grown-up enough to cast your vote for Governor even when there are more than two choices on the ballot, then put on your big girl, anti-state panties and print, sign & mail this petition TODAY!! Get your friends, loved ones, co-workers and everyone else who is registered to vote to sign it as well. I have to have all petitions by mid-day June 6.

If you can't do that then MAKE A CONTRIBUTION to my ballot access drive. I'll be able to collect a great deal more signatures on primary day if I can pay petitioners to work the polls.

If you want my name on the ballot this is literally the last chance you have to see that it appears there. This is the Last Call for Ballot Access for Nall and it is now up to you Dear Freedom Lovers to get me there and here are your tools to do it.

Print, Sign & Mail this petition TODAY!!


MAKE A CONTRIBUTION to my ballot access drive.

With your help my name will appear on the November ballot. Let's make this a real election with NEW IDEAS from the only candidate who truly represents everyday Alabamians.

Your Compatriot in the Fight for Liberty,
Loretta Nall
Vote Nall Y'all...It's Just Common Sense



CJdrake said...

Very well written.

Could you please explain a little about your drug policy? Do you think all drugs should be legal?

And i think many people are interested in what you have to say about illegal aliens and immigration.
Are you for some sort of amnesty type of program?

Thank you,

Loretta Nall said...

Dear CJ,

Please see the Platform on my campaign site for more detailed information on my drug policy and immigration stances.


Dave Lucas said...

Loretta, I've been following you and your campaign for some time. I've blogged about you in the past and I am doing so again today. Your win will change history. And if you do not taste victory, know that you have changed many hearts and minds, and will hopefully continue to so do in the future!