Monday, June 05, 2006

Now...that's interesting

Survey: State GOP and Demos favor work permits over deportation
Montgomery Advertiser

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) -- Statewide surveys of Republicans and Democrats who plan to vote Tuesday show that about half in each party favor granting work permits to illegal immigrants, while about one-third favor deportation.

Larry Powell, a pollster who conducted the survey, said that Alabama voters in the two political parties are in "remarkable agreement" on the illegal immigrant issue, which has sparked debate in Montgomery and in Congress.

Powell, a communications studies professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, conducted the survey for The Birmingham News, FOX6 television in Birmingham and WAFF-TV in Huntsville.

Both the Democratic and Republican respondents were asked, "If you had to make a choice, would you favor deporting all illegal immigrants, or would you favor allowing them to obtain work permits and stay in America as long as they pass a security check?"

Granting work permits to illegal immigrants was favored by 50 percent of Republican respondents and 51 percent of Democrats. Deportation was favored by 36 percent of Republicans and 34 percent of Democratic respondents.

The surveys of 400 registered voters planning to vote in the GOP primary and 400 planning to vote in the Democratic primary were taken May 29-June 1. The surveys had a margin of error of plus or minus five percentage points.

Among subgroups, where the margin of error can be greater, the surveys overall found that 42 percent of whites favored deportation but only 20 percent of blacks favored deportation.

Now, I find this fascinating because according to this article from last month I am the only candidate who advocates absorbing the immigrants instead of deporting them and using the National Guard on the border with our peaceful neighbor. The Republocrats are out of touch with half of those in their own party it seems.

Vote Nall Y'all...It's Just Common Sense

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