Monday, June 05, 2006


For tomorrows Primary I have a few endorsements I would like to make.

Ed Packard gets my endorsement for Secretary of State. Ed is one of the guys who wears a white hat and he firmly believes in easing the ballot access restrictions to make our election process more open and easier to participate in.
Please vote for Ed Packard against Nancy Worley for the democratic candidate for Secretary of State of Alabama.

Sheriff David Warren in Macon County gets my endorsement because of his honesty in addressing drug war issues at the Candidate Forums on May 21, 2006. This gentleman spoke to voters about what is really happening and I believe he would be very receptive to some alternative to prison programs in Tuskegee, AL.

John Tyson gets my nod for Alabama Attorney General. I don't particularly like him or any of his hardcore "I've put 25,000 people in jail in my career" (as if that is something to be proud of) or his "Let's medicate school children" policies but he beats the hell out of "King Troy" and racist Larry Darby. My friends in the Democratic party tell me Tyson is likely to be more willing to work with decrim and and other solutions to our prison crisis.

I also endorse Rep. Laura Hall of Huntsville. She is a scrapper inthe state house and the Rep. who was ballsy enough to introduce and fight tooth and nail for The Compassionate Care Act.

I endorse Alvin Holmes for rep. in Montgomery. Alvin may not always be right but he sure keeps folks on their toes. I also enjoy his sense of humor and will always remember how he whipped up on Rep. Gerald Allen about the gay marriage ban on For the Record.

I endorse John Rogdgers in BHAM for state rep. Rep. Rodgers is a character who is firmly on our side on most issues.

I endorse Randy Hinshaw for state Rep. Mr. Hinshaw spoke at the Libertarian Party conventin in Montgomery this year (he's a Democrat) and he is very supportive of easing the ballot access restrictions.

I'm not in the primary race because I do not have an opponent in the Libertarian Party. However, if you wish to write my name in for fun in the Governor slot please feel free to do so.

That's all I have for now but may add more as the day goes on.


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