Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Baxley Still Has NO PLAN on Education

Baxley tells AEA leaders Riley deserves 'F' for talk of surplus
Candidate cites lack of supplies, space, teachers

Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Times Staff Writer Patricia McCarter

Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley said she's got the cure for Gov. Bob Riley's assertion that Alabama has an education surplus.

The Democratic nominee for governor invites Riley, a Republican, to come with her on the campaign trail as she visits schools where teachers say there's anything but a surplus.

While in Huntsville on Tuesday to address a leadership conference of the Alabama Education Association, Baxley cited problems she's heard across the state - not enough materials or classroom space or teachers. She told AEA members - who typically support Democrats for governor - that when Riley speaks ill of AEA leader Paul Hubbert, "Somebody needs to tell him that Paul Hubbert is not on the ballot."

Neither Baxley nor Riley have a plan on education. If either of them get elected we will continue to see them throw money at a problem that money will not solve. That means we will continue to rank near the bottom in education for at least another four years.

Until our ‘elected officials’ stop sucking that federal government teat and teachers continue teaching social doctrine instead of reading, writing and arithmatic (sp?) then we will always rank near the bottom.

In my travels across the state all of the educators I have spoken with (many) have all responded well to most of my ideas on how to fix the education system. I won’t get the AEA vote because I refuse to throw more money at the vast array of problems in our public education system. I know teachers have hard jobs…I certainly would not want their job…but it annoys me when I hear “We need a pay raise” because to me that says “Yeah we could do a better job teaching your children….but we won’t until you pay us more money.”

I say no more money until we see some sound results.

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