Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Disavowed Atheist to Run for Congress

Montgomery Advertiser

Larry Darby, the controversial Holocaust denier who garnered 160,000 votes but lost in the Democratic primary for attorney general, announced Tuesday his intentions to run for Congress in 2008.

Darby, who recently disavowed atheism and closed the Montgomery-based Atheist Law Center, said he would run as a Democrat for the second Congressional District, a position currently held by Rep. Terry Everett, a Republican.

"The Democratic Party needs to be cleaned out and reformatted, and Larry Darby is the person to do it," Darby said.

Jim Spearman, director of the Alabama Democratic Party, said Darby would have to meet the principals of the Democratic Party to run as a Democrat.

"What he showed in this last campaign, he did not meet the principals of the Democratic Party," Spearman said. "He would need to change some of his views. He has a few years to do that."

Would the Democrats really ever allow Darby to run again on their ticket? I suppose stranger things have happened.

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