Saturday, August 19, 2006

Drugs & Money Missing from Tuskegee Police Dept. Safe

WSFA Channel 12

Allegations Of Theft At Tuskegee Police Department

From the outside, it looked like a routine day for the police force in Tuskegee. Inside, however, it's anything but routine.

"That's the purpose of the investigation," said City Manager Alfred Davis.

Davis confirms investigators with the Alabama Bureau of Investigation are sniffing around the police department, looking to see whether someone stole drugs and money, evidence taken from recent drug raids. It's front-page news in Tuskegee and a top priority for the city administration.

"We were aware there were some issues and we moved quickly to make sure we investigated," said Davis.

This part of the story Davis won't confirm; sources close to the case tell 12 News $26,000 is missing from a safe that typically holds evidence from drug raids. Drugs were also reportedly stolen. At this point WSFA 12 News has learned the alleged theft has jeopardize at least 4 drug cases that haven't been resolved.

Publicly no one is saying who is the target of ABI's investigation. So far, no one's been charged and city officials won't speculate.

"Not puttin' the blame on anybody until the investigation is concluded," Davis said.

ABI has indicated it needs about another month to wrap up its case. The police chief did not return our message and the District Attorney isn't commenting.

In another update from WSFA Channel 12

The Tuskegee police department makes changes after money turns up missing from a department safe.

WSFA 12 News first reported the Alabama Bureau of Investigation was looking into the matter. Now, they have implemented new procedures and policies. The interim chief of police says it is focused on a particular section and not the department as a whole.

Authorities say the A.B.I. is still investigating, and some Tuskegee police have been reassigned.

Now, this story is of particular interest to me because of what happened at a candidates forum on May 21. Tuskegee Sheriff & Police Chief "Nall Right on Drug Policy"

The second report from WSFA reported about an 'interem police chief'...does that mean Leon Frazier is gone? If so, would that be because he is believed to be directly involved in the disappearance of the money and drugs from the police safe or, is it common protocol for a chief to be reassigned while his dept. is being investigated?

After Fraziers statements at that forum I am very curious about these developments. I can't help but hope that he is directly involved so people in Tuskegee will remember what I said, what he said and begin to take action with regard to drug policy reform. I hope it was Frazier....he was such a prick....but it was a beautiful moment when he was asked "How exactly will you eradicate all drugs from Macon County?" and he admitted he was lying, sat his ass down and did not utter another squeak.

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Nita420 said...

This sounds exactly like what used to happen around here (Tupelo, Mississippi) on a regular basis, until our long time sheriff was shot and killed. The only difference is NONE of the "incidents" were never investigated...hmmm. AND SO FAR, this kind of shit probably won't be happening with our new one as he's pretty straight up and fair... only time will tell.

Loretta, please keep us updated on this one and thank you for posting it.

You're one of my favorite living heroes and I love you.

Nita T