Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Muscadine Blogging

MMMMMMM....these are sooooo good. Don Siebold, known to most of you as Dr. IQ of I&R fame, sent out an email this week saying he had free muscadines and scuppernongs for anyone who wanted to stop by and pick them. I was in Montgomery yesterday and stopped in for a visit with Don and to take him up on his offer

What a wonderful guy!! We picked a half of a five gallon bucket full and then retired to the house for some iced tea and conversation. It was a good afternoon.
These muscadines and scuppernongs are sublime and even though I know they will end in a case of the trots...I just can't stop eating them. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Dan said...

Thanks for letting us know about Don, Loretta. Next time I'm heading toward Montgomery, I'll shoot him an email first.

Don said...

I think I need to correct Loretta on a minor detail of two letters of the alphabet. She said, "We Picked...", but actually it was more like "She picked....". Let me tell you this little lady knows how to work and get sweaty. How many candidates for Alabama Governor ever sweat unless they are at a loss for words, or caught in a lie?

I mostly just used a hedge trimmer to cut away foilage so she could get to the fruit (NOT ME) more easily, until, like an idiot, I cut through my elecrical extension cord.

The best part of her visit, to me, was the sitting and conversing. Let me tell the world that if each Alabama voter could do that with her for 30 minutes this election would be neatly in a bag tied with a Victory Ribbon for Loretta Nall, cause it just makes sense, y'all.