Monday, August 28, 2006

Praise for Equality Alabama

I want to talk a little more about the happenings this past weekend in Montgomery. As you all surely know by now Patricia Todd was reinstated as the District 54 nominee. And that is exactly how things should be.

I want to give special acknowledgement and praise to the members of Equality Alabama for all of their hard work on this. I really don't understand homophobia. Not at all. The people who make up the ranks of Equality Alabama are some of the most wonderful people you would ever want to meet. I admire the hell out of their determination and persistence. In every instance where I have had the privilige of working with them they have been stellar. They are always happy, smiling, energetic and patient. They show up en masse, with signs, t-shirts and handouts and they refuse to be broken by the ignorance and hate all around them. They inspire me to do better in my own work and life. The Democratic Party is crazy for not going out of their way to promote equal rights for gays and lesbians. I wish I had Equality Alabama working on my campaign. With that kind of dedication and number of devoted people I know I could win this election. If you aren't a member of Equality Alabama but are interested in becoming one or at least joining their mailing list please check out their website and consider lending a hand.

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