Saturday, August 26, 2006

Democracy is a Beautiful thing when it works

I spent today as an interloper at the Alabama Democratic Party Executive Committee meeting in Montogmery, AL. My main reason for attending this meeting was to show my support for Patricia Todd . I am very happy to report that the Democrats did the RIGHT THING and reinstated her as the House District 54 nominee.

I am not up for writing a long article right this second but there are a few things I want to get out right away. For more in-depth coverage of todays events please visit Kathy over at Birmingham Blues. She blogged on site and has a very accurate and detailed recounting of what happened.

1. I have a great deal of newfound respect for Joe Turnham , who exhibited the patience equivalent to that of the biblical Job in today's three ring circus. It takes infinite patience and great skill to keep ones composure for 3 1/2 brutal hours under the kinds of circumstances in that room today.

2. The Black Democrats in Alabama owe their souls to Rep. Alvin Holmes for his remarks in todays meeting. I don't remember the exact wording that Rep. Holmes used but it went something like this, "We as black people know better than anybody about selective persecution and what the sub-committee used on Thursday to disqualify Ms. Todd was selective persecution."

"Ms. Todd won the election by 59 votes and the Supreme Court has already ruled that filing late is not a basis for forfeiting the election. The people have spoken. Give this woman her seat."

Bless Alvin. I may not agree with him on every single issue but he consistently stands up for what is right. While every other black democratic executive committee member stood against doing the right thing and playing the race card Alvin Holmes stood his ground and stood for what was right and just and fair. The Democrats should feel very fortunate to have him among their ranks. His impassioned speech today will be the saving grace of those who were trying every dirty trick in the book to subvert the democratic process and STEAL the vote..ironically the very same thing the Republicans have done to all of us the last two elections. It was very disturbing to see the vote split completely along racial lines when it wasn't a racial issue to begin with.

In the end the Democrats voted to do the right thing and reinstated Ms. Todd to her elected seat.

One more thing before I close out and take a nap (politics is draining work). I saw my friend Jordan Weissman who is interning with the BHAM News and asked him how he felt about Alabama politics after spending a summer with us. His response was "The next time it is time for assignments I am not even going to worry about what I get because after having survived Alabama politics I know I can survive anything."

I am glad we have broken you in good Jordan. Happy and safe travels back home and do stay in touch.


Blue Gal said...

Meanwhile over at my place I give Joe Reed the tranny treatment. Just saying.

The Alabama Moderate said...

That's excellent news! I'll have to post it on my own blog.

Kathy said...

Loretta, it was good to see you there today. You're right, Joe Turnham and Alvin Holmes deserve kudos. Joe Reed does not.

Loretta Nall said...

Kathy it was great to meet you today even if only briefly. We will have to set aside some time soon to get better aquainted.

I just read your in-depth post on todays proceedings and am going to link to it. I plan to write more on it tomorrow after I have had more time to fully digest all that I saw and heard today. That usually happens while I am sleeping...strangely enough.

Dan said...

I guess pings don't show up on here. I wrote a post about your Holmes bit. I was also very impressed. Thanks for letting me know about it.