Friday, August 25, 2006

Holmes asks Darby to Leave Democratic Party

Rep. Holmes wants Holocaust denier gone

By Mike Linn
Montgomery Advertiser

A state lawmaker wants the Alabama Democratic Party to formally ask a controversial candidate to refrain from running in future elections as a Democrat.

Rep. Alvin Holmes, D-Montgomery, will ask the party’s executive committee at a meeting today to adopt a resolution asking Montgomery lawyer Larry Darby to step aside “due to his extreme views that the Holocaust did not exist.”

“Such a defense of Adolf Hitler and his Anti-Semitism is not in accord with the platform and bylaws of the Democratic Party,” the resolution says.

Darby, who lost in the Democratic primary for attorney general but has announced plans to run for Congress as a Democrat, said he would ignore the request.

“He can’t throw me out,” Darby said. “He’s just showing his ignorance and his contempt for anybody who does not agree with his Marxist ideology.”

Darby believes less than 300,000 Jews died during the Holocaust, although historical accounts put the number closer to six million.

He said he doesn’t understand why Holmes would to target a “free thinker” rather than Democrats like former Gov. Don Siegelman and state Rep. Bryant Melton of Tuscaloosa. A federal jury convicted Siegelman of bribery and related charges in June and Melton has admitted to laundering state funds to pay off gambling debts.

“I certainly haven't done anything that rises to the level of criminality," Darby said. “All I’m doing is exposing the Democratic Party for its institutional racism, hypocrasy and corruption. They don't like free speech.”

Holmes said once a candidate is convicted or has pleaded guilty to a crime they can’t run for public office, so the issue would be moot.

Zac McCrary, a spokesman for the Democratic Party, said to have Darby removed from the party, the executive committee must find that his principles aren’t consistant with those of the Democratic Party.

If passed, Holmes' resolution would merely amount to a request for Darby to leave, not an official party removal.

The Democrat's have no one to blame but themselves and the Republicans for Darby's affiliation with the Democratic Party in Alabama. As I state in the linked article,

"This is exactly what the Democrats deserve for being a willing party to enacting such restrictive ballot access laws. They keep everyone out except the people who claim to be like them and what they get is someone joining them who claims to be like them and then reveals their true intent when it is too late to do anything about it.
Ha!! You Bastards...that is EXACTLY what you deserve. I feel absolutely NO SYMPATHY!"

See, if we had fair ballot access laws then people like Larry Darby, Joe Copeland and Harry Lyon could get on the ballot as say the "Hateful Cracker Bastards Party" and never have to infiltrate another party and embarass them to this degree.

I agree with Alvin that Larry Darby is not a Democrat...his views are waaaaaaaaaay more in line with the Alabama Republican/Neo-Con Party. Now that Darby has found Jesus maybe the Republican Party will allow him on their ticket. He'd fit right in.

And to Alvin Holmes, who I do not always agree with but respect a great deal....DON'T FEED THE TROLLS!!!


Kathy said...

I can't understand why Larry Darby would want to be a Democrat rather than a Republican, but I'd bet what he wants most is to see his name in the paper and his face on the news.

Loretta Nall said...

I agree from experience that the media coverage can be as addictive as any drug.

Knowing Larry I can attest to the fact that he still gets off seeing his name in the paper. He told me on the last go round that he thought about registering with the Repugs but figured he would be denied because of his then Atheist views. So he rigistered with the Dem's and viola'.