Thursday, August 03, 2006

Welcome Back to School Kids!

Please void the contents of your bladder into this cup and hand it to Coach Culver then step over to Brutus for a sniff test before entering homeroom.

This evening was open house at Horseshoe Bend school where my children attend so I made the trip out to meet the teachers and get schedules in preparation for Monday when they start a new school year.

And who should be waiting to greet us as soon as we set foot on school property?

Why Officer Adolf and his trusty sidekick 'Brutus' the German drug dog, of course. Who else?

And Oh! How that doth chap my ass!!! What a hell of a way to be welcomed back to a new school year.

Am I the only one who sees the larger picture of what teaching kids to submit to warrantless dog searches and to piss in a cup on demand for the government has the potential to do to this great nation? Am I the only one who finds this sort of indoctrination alarming, to say the least? Surely that cannot be. This is what I mean when I complain about schools teaching social doctrine instead of math, language and science. The government is more worried about what might be in our kids bladders than what they are retaining in their brains.

This is why government schools are bad. We wouldn't give the government our guns to modify in any way they choose for 8 hours a day....but we give them our children without ever thinking twice. I have to deprogram my kids when they come home from school.

I believe this year after the election is over I will try and figure out a way to homeschool my children or come up with the money to send them to a private school with a focus on EDUCATION instead of SUBMISSION and INDOCTRINATION.

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