Friday, August 04, 2006

What about the Other 10%?

It's funny that they do not mention the missing 10% in this poll. Generally the remaining percentage of voters in a survey of this nature would be classified as 'unecided'....that they were not in this one makes me think maybe they aren't undecided. Perhaps they will be voting for me.

Alabama Governor: Riley 52%, Baxley 38%

August 3, 2006
- Incumbent Bob Riley could earn a new term as governor in Alabama, according to the latest poll by SurveyUSA. 52 per cent of respondents in the Yellowhammer State would vote for the Republican, while 38 per cent would support Democratic challenger Lucy Baxley.

Riley has acted as Alabama’s governor since January 2003. The former Republican U.S. congressman defeated Democrat incumbent Don Siegelman in the November 2002 election by just over 3,000 ballots.

Baxley has been Alabama’s lieutenant governor since January 2003. She previously served as the state treasurer from 1994 to 2002.

On Jun. 6, Riley and Baxley won their respective primary elections. Riley defeated former chief justice Roy Moore with 67 per cent of the vote in the GOP contest, while Baxley received 60 per cent of all cast ballots in the Democratic ballot against Siegelman.

The election will take place on Jul. 7. Since 1951, Alabama has had three Republican and nine Democratic heads of government.

Polling Data

Election 2006 - Alabama Governor

Incumbent: Bob Riley (R)
Challenger: Lucy Baxley (D)

Riley (R)
Baxley (D)

Survey USA
Jul. 23-25
Phone, 574 LV

LV: Likely voters
RV: Registered voters
Ad: Adults
MofE: Margin of error

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