Monday, October 16, 2006

Candidates Get Face Time

Candidates get face time

Some teenagers and young adults use a popular networking Web site for more than just keeping in touch with friends and discussing the latest trends in fashion and entertainment.

They also use it as a place to promote their political views.

On, students have created groups in support of both Republican incumbent Alabama Gov. Bob Ri ley and his opponent, Democrat Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley .

As of Wednesday, the "I love Lucy," group had 58 members. Riley's group "Students for Riley" had 1,066 members. Messages posted on the groups' homepages include topics such as abortion and the minimum wage, as well as a request for volunteers for a campaign event.

Facebook users not only join these groups to show their support, some also update their own personnel profile to show for whom they plan to vote.

According to the site's "Election pulse," based on the number of users supporting each candidate in their profiles, about 61.8 percent supported Riley and about 33.5 percent supported Baxley and 4.5 percent supported Loretta Nall , a Libertarian write-in candidate.

(h/t to Don Seibold)

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