Thursday, October 05, 2006

Don Markwell Poll WACV 1170 AM

I got this in my email from a listener of Don Markwell's show.

This morning, Montgomery talk show host Don Markwell expressed that he was very upset about having only two candidates running for governor and lt. governor. He took a poll on the air (WACV 1170 AM) and gave the choice of either of the two candidates or a third independent candidate (or none of the above). Guess what:

Bob Riley got only 4 votes. Lucy Baxley got only 2. THE CHOICE OF A THIRD UNKNOWN INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE OR NOTA GOT 16 VOTES.

The lt. governor's race was very nearly the same: Strange - 3, Folsom - 2, third choice 17.

Now you know why those goons in office want such impossible ballot access rules.

I didn't hear the show and have no idea if my name was mentioned. I have a large following in the Markwell crowd and in Montgomery in general. This poll makes me more secure in my feeling that the election results may surprise a lot of people.

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