Wednesday, October 04, 2006

State Police Helicopter to Find Crack?

I was driving home today on 280 in Alexander City and as I crossed the Tallapoosa/Coosa county line I noticed the Alabama State Police Helicopter terrorizing the residents of Talla-Coosa mobile home park. This terrorizing of the citizenry happened just after school children got off the bus.

At first, I thought the chopper might just be landing at the D.O.T, which is right beside the mobile home park but that turned out not to be the case. It circled and dipped and circled and dipped as low as it could possibly get without hitting the tree-tops. I am intimately familiar with the dope hunting tactics of choppers in the state of Alabama and with this chopper in particular, as it flies over my property every chance it gets.

Now, I know the inhabitants would not grow marijuana openly in the trailer park, which is located on a major highway and right beside the D.O.T., so I have to wonder why a state police helicopter was cruising the mobile hom epark? Did they expect to find other illicit drugs with the chopper? As far as I know, crack cocaine and meth do not grow on trees and are not spottable from the air. So, why then use the chopper if not to terrorize the citizens?

And, why wait until about 40 kids ranging in age from kindergartener to high-schooler get off the bus to conduct an act of terror with a chopper? Doesn't that make it more likely that if there are ground troops deployed that an innocent child could get hurt or killed.

So much for protecting the children, huh? I'd like a full report on how many drugs (other than any potential pot plants) this chopper found. As a taxpayer, I have the right to know and so do you.

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