Tuesday, October 24, 2006


My inbox is crammed full of letters , of support from people across the state, the nation, the globe and tons of military personnel who want to get the hell out of Iraq.

Thought I'd share some.

While I am a Georgia resident, your approach to politics have me thinking of relocating to Alabama! Thanks for the great work!
230th Sustainment Brigade
I am not a citizen of Alabama. I reside in Georgia, but I would be the 1st to vote for you if I could. I think that you would be the perfect person to hold office. You make great points on your web page. I wish you luck!
How are you today? I hope all is well. I’m just writing to say that you are a very active candidate. I went to your website, and was overwhelmed by all the media coverage on you, and all the issues you have written about. You write very well, I like reading you. I just had a short time to look over some of them and I have to say I’m very impressed with the way you take a strong stance on so many issues.
I just can’t understand one thing. Why haven’t you been able to garnish enough signatures to be put on the ballot? You seem to be a shoe in, If I lived in Alabama, you would have my vote!
If I lived in Alabama, I would volunteer for your office in a second, and do all I could to get you in office. I wish you luck Ms. Nall. I know you are not one to give up, so I know we’ll see you around for a while, I will keep coming back to your site to see what’s going on with you.

Take Care
I would like some your campaign material. Saw you on Drudge. I will be voting for you.
but I don't live in Alabam! close, in Carroll County, GA, right across the
line. I do send my best wishes for this campaign, knowing that you are
tilting at a windmill. Maybe, the next go round, you'll take the windmill down.

I read a few of your articles, really enjoyed the prison panty
rebellion.....a friend of mine was Commissioner of Georgia's Corrections
Dept.....he told me that the difference between the folks on both sides of
the bars was indetectable.....pretty solid indictment of the level of
"humanity" who pass themselves as guards.

looked for the cleavage pix, never found them. Sad about that as I do love
ladies' cleavage! doesn't matter, I think I found the way to contribute a
bit to your campaign and am going to do so, without cleavage!

keep going, sooner or later, I think you'll kick ass and take names!

I saw a story about you posted on reddit.com from a british newspaper
site. I have to say I'm disappointed I missed you at the capital Friday.
I'm in the military and am registered to vote in Georgia, but as a fellow
libertarian I wanted to wish you luck!
Dear Ms. Nall:
I wish I could vote for you, but I live in California. I support
your entire platform and would like to contribute to your campaign, and
I would dearly like to get a couple (two) of your stash boxes with your
picture on them. How can we work this out? What would be a reasonable
donation (to cover the donation and boxes/shipping/handling)? I'm not
rich, but I give my time and what I can afford to the causes that I
believe in, e.g. Sierra Club, public radio, PBS, political candidates,
free tutoring, etc.
Thanks and good luck,
If I was still living in Alabama, I would vote for you. I like your views on marijuana laws. But, thats a hard sell to all the good ole' boys there.

Its a shame that the lives of a lot of yound people are ruined because of a weed that grows naturally in the wild and needs no other processing other than being dried out.

Keep at it.
Dear Ms. Nall,

I am a registered Democrat from Boston, and recently came across your website from an article in the Guardian Unlimited. First, I read the article that talked about your cleavage and the give-aways of stash boxes. Then, I went to your website.

I must say that I am impressed by your from-the-hip style of writing. (Obviously, being up here in Massachusetts, I would not have had occasion to attend a function where you are speaking!) It is hard to find a candidate that does not resort to the same type of mudslinging that so many big-party candidates do. (Seriously - I am sure you have heard of all of the brouhaha surrounding my state's gubernatorial race!) Not only that, but your views regarding pulling out of Iraq, tax credits for sending children to private school or homeschooling, and legalization of marijuana are spot-on!

Anyway, writing a letter like this is not usual for me, in that I normally don't give a lot of thought to state-level government outside of MA. (That's not really something to be proud of, I know!) However, I did want to write to you and wish you the best of luck with your campaign.

Best regards,
Hi Ms. Nall:
I found your website via www.fark.com, a news aggregator. I wish that I
still lived in Alabama (something I haven't said since 2000 when I
relocated from Huntsville to Blacksburg, Virginia) simply so that I
could vote for you in the upcoming election. I love your platform and
admire your moxy in your campaign efforts (what I wouldn't give for one
of those shirts!).

I too am disheartened by the United States' "Drug-on War", do not
believe the Patriot Act makes one iota safer, do not want a Real ID act
passed, and am disheartened by the people our public schools churn out
(I work in a college bookstore, so I come in contact with them daily).

Anyway, I think everything you say makes good solid sense, and wish you
best of luck on the campaign trail.

Warmest Regards,
hello from the hoosier state, wish you the very best, its time democrats and republicans get it handed to them....you are just the person to do it!! how can we help?? you go girl.... indiana...
Good evening, Ms. Nall. I found your site after reading an article at Earthlink (under "Strange News," for some reason) - it's at this link: http://my.earthlink.net/article/str?guid=20061023/453c3e40_3ca6_155262006102334416838

I've read through your site - I'm on a dial-up so I can't watch the videos - I have to say you've made a new fan. I don't know if there's anything I can do to help you out in your campaign, but I would like to add a link to your site.
Finally. A reason to vote.

When you win, please see about having that dumb ass sex toy ban repealed. What an embarrassment.

(My response to this one..."No, you can't see my tits unless you are from Playboy and have a huge check in one hand and an airbrush artist in the other, but thanks for writing."
Dear Ms Nall,

I regret that I can't vote for you since I'm a resident of Illinois,
but I just made a contribution to your campaign and I wish you the best
of luck.

You are quite cute. Would you be willing to bare more for your cause?


(My response: Playboy?)
Hi Loretta, my name is ***** ****** and I am from Florence, Al. I agree with your platform, but it"s a damn shame these hypocritical REPUBLICANS have a stranglehold on Alabama politics. YOU do have my vote!!!!!

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