Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Media Contact Information

If you are a member of the media and are trying to contact me please call me at 251-650-2271 or send me an email.

For all of you wondering about the shirt and how that design came about, please read this and this and finally this.

You can view the "Flash for Cash" ads free of charge at the following links.
If you haven't done so recently...please leave a tip in my campaign jar.

If you'd like a shirt or other campaign item with this logo

on it you can get it HERE


Jeff said...

Glad I can help you Loretta!! While you know I disagree with you on most everything, I find it very important that we allow anyone who wants to run the opportunity to do so. You have had to fight tooth and nail to get ballot access and they have denied you, which is why I offer my assistance. Hopefully others will follow in donating to your cause.

Anonymous said...

salut savez vous qu'une radio francaise intello (france culture ) parle de votre candidate en presantant ses attributs tres tres elogieux personnelement je voterais les yeux fermes pour elle

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