Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Election Results Coming In

UPDATE: When the Secretary of States office posts the results this is where they will be.

If you'd like to call your county probate office you can find contact information here. Please ask for the total write-ins cast for Loretta Nall if they have that information available. If not, then ask for the total for all write-in votes cast for Governor.

Here are the numbers I have been able to track down thus far. Most of these have not been broken down by candidate, they are just totals for write-ins. A few have been broken down by candidate and noted in ().

Blount - 429
Cullman - 9 (for me)
Mobile - 307
Montgomery - 37 (for me)
Calhoun - 297
Elmore Co. - 137
Tallapoosa - 27
Jefferson - 2122
Houston - 6 (for me)

Shelby - 692 The BHAM News has Shelby County broken down with 289 for Roy Moore and 100 for Charles barkley leaving 303 up in the air. I wonder how come Moore and Barkley get mentioned and I, the only one running a write-in campaign, do not?
UPDATE: I have received official word from the Shelby County Probate Office that 189 of the write-in votes were cast for me.

Coosa - 28 write-in votes and 73 under votes. I do not know what "under votes" means.

Madison - 825
Walker - 26 (for me)
Limestone - 238
Baldwin - 210
Morgan - 34 (for me)

Ed Packard at the SoS office said he has 6 counties reporting in so far and expects more in today's mail. He said he will keep me posted on the numbers so check back.


Donovan said...

I'm proud to say i was one of you Mobile write-in votes.

Loretta Nall said...

Thank you Donovan for your vote. I have gotten so many emails from people who voted for me stating they actually feel good about their vote for the first time ever. That makes me feel really good.

Jeff Vreeland said...

Loretta, there was 692 reported in the BHAM News from Shelby County this morning.


Amanda Harrell said...

well, i know that you had at least one vote (from me!!!) in morgan county and at least one (from one of my coworkers) in lauderdale county :~) i'll call tomorrow when i get the opportunity and see if i can find anything out for madison and lauderdale counties.

amanda harrell

W. Doug Bolden said...

I know two of the votes in Madison were for you, but beyond that I have no specific idea. I talked to a couple of the poll workers, and they said there were votes for Roy Moore and Barkley. When I mentioned your name, they said they had seen it, but couldn't recall how often.

The Alabama Moderate said...

You have at least two votes from St. Clair county, cast by my husband and me.

Anonymous said...

Proud to have been one of 18 votes in Talladega County.


Loretta Nall said...

Hey GC,

Thanks for your vote. I am happy to have earned it. Can you tell me where you got the number 18 for write-in votes for me in Talladega Co?