Tuesday, November 21, 2006

John Giles Steps Down

UPDATE: The results are finally in for the 'Rename the Christian Coalition Contest'

First Place goes to Blue Gal for 'Liar Liar Cross on Fire'

Second Place goes to Real Shaven Yak for the Monty Python skit

Third Place goes to yuh-uhuh for DOUCHE BAG

You can read all of the entries here

If all of you winners will kindly head over to the campaign goodie store and pick out what you want then email me with that information and a shipping address I will have your stuff sent out by the end of the week.

Once again I apologize for the delay.

Christian Action Alabama leader to step down

Montgomery Advertiser

The leader of Christian Action Alabama today annouced he will step down at the end of the year.

President John W. Giles, in a statement released Tuesday, said he is leaving the conservative Christian group to address family concerns and to open up the leadership position to "a fresh face."

Christian Action Alabama was originally known as the Christian Coalition of Alabama.

The name change came after the group announced in August it was splitting from the national Christian Coalition of America, which the state group said had strayed from its "key tenets."

Here at Nall for Governor I had a little contest to help with a new name. I just realized when serching for this post that I had inadvertently hit "save as draft" and never got around to naming the winners. I will pick three here shortly and send out prizes form he now infamous campaign goodies. My apologies for overlooking this for so long.

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