Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Voters Deserve Right to Write In

The Montgomery Advertiser has a decent editorial on write-in voting this morning.

Despite the irritation of voting officials, write-in votes do no lasting harm and occasionally at the local level might result in a viable campaign. Legislators should resist any effort to change the law to eliminate them.

I think I may run write-in campaigns in every election from here on out (or at least until the ballot access laws are changed) just because it pisses poll workers off so bad. All of you who wrote my name in for governor need to make some serious noise over the articles in the BHAM News and MTGY Advertiser yesterday. Write letters to the editors demanding that the legislature change the ballot access laws so that they are the same for everyone and then we can reduce the need to write-in our candidate of choice.


Amanda Harrell said...

i'm on it!!!!!!

Amanda Harrell

Loretta Nall said...

Thanks Amanda. I'll be writing a little later on today after I have had a sufficient amount of coffee. I'll post here so others can use it as an example.

I hope others will follow your lead and write as well. The thought of denying citizens the option to write in a name when those printed on the ballot are unacceptable sends chills up my spine.