Saturday, November 18, 2006



Dan said...

I'm going to personally break the thumb of every single Auburn fan in Alabama... so watch out :).

I was just happy it was a close game, and everyone knows the streak is going to end next year.

Anonymous said...


What's the results? How many votes, by county, did you get? The Secretary of State hasn't posted the numbers, yet. Has she given you any information?

After reading about the inordinate number of write-in votes in Mobile County, I'm just dying to know how you did, overall. And what about the total votes for governor? Under Title 17 those numbers will either haunt us or help us over the next two years...


Loretta Nall said...


I still do not have any results from the SoS office. I talked to Ed Packard on the 9th and he said Friday the 17th woould be the last day for counties to have all the ballots in to the SoS office for certification. He said the numbers would start to surface next week and that he would see to it that I get mine.

Loretta Nall said...


I'll be sure and keep my thumbs in my pocket next time I see you :)...and I wouldn't count on that streak being broken next year by Bama....especially if Shula is still coaching.

What do you think? Will Shula stay for another year or is he out? Who will replace him should he get the boot?

Don said...

Before the game I said that I root for both teams, that I just hope they both play well, and may the best team win.

For a while in the early going it looked as if the worst team would lose because of the sloppy play on both sides.

Later, they both played better at times and it got interesting, even exciting, but I never wet my pants.

The Mad Patriot said...

Well, my theory on the game is that Auburn sucked donkey balls through a bendy straw, but they managed to win because Alabama sucked moose balls through a swizzle stick.

Consider that without being given a short field twice by John Parker "Fumble Fingers" Wilson, Auburn would have lost 15 - 7. They didn't put together a single sustained drive - their third touchdown drive was one big play.

On the other hand, Bama's offensive line stunk up the field, as usual. The only time Auburn wasn't in the backfield was during the huddles.

I just wish I could email the score back in time with a note to myself saying "It sucked. Watch the OSU - Michigan game instead, and see real football teams play."

Still anxiously awaiting those results, Loretta...

Dan said...

Loretta, I personally think Shula should stay, and he probably will. If he loses to Auburn again, though, the alumni will probably put together the money to buy out his contract and promise to without future donatoins unless the school complies.

Shula is a good coach. It's just been a bad year.

Dan said...

And when your first two touchdown drives are a combined total of like 30 yards, you can't be too proud. Auburn took advantage of our F ups and we didn't take advatnage of theirs enough. I'm not saying you guys don't deserve a win (it was closer than I would have bet money on).

Loretta Nall said...

Mad Patriot,

I'd have to agree with you that it was a piss poor performance for both teams. I am a big Auburn fan and I'll say publicly that I do not understand how they did as well as they did this year.

Our QB sucks and our offensive line didn't show up all year.

As for the election the results are trickling in