Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Alabamians for Compassionate Care Website

Well folks it's 2007 and in just a few days the Legislative session will begin....or the organizing part will anyway. I don't expect anything to happen with the medical marijuana bill until sometime in March. Between now and then there is a massive amount of work to be done.

To help us with that work we have just launched a new website for this bill called Compassionate Care , a place where we can all gather and discuss the happenings with the bill, medical conditions, how marijuana helps different people with different conditions. It's a place for patients to connect with legislators and other patients and a place for the general public to visit and educate themselves on this issue.

Please stop by today and post a message on our forums , read our blog visit our gift shop sign up for our newsletter and become a member of our very diverse community.

Please pass this website along to everyone you know who might have an interest in seeing the Compassionate Care Act passed.

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