Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thinking about Home Security?

Ever wonder what goes on at home when you aren't there? I do sometimes. I recently got a dog to warn off any unwanted guests. However, he can only try and deter unwanted guests, or eat them, but if they get away then he can't tell me what happened or who dropped by. I am thinking about getting some security/surveillance cameras to help the dog out.

While searching the internet I came across Home Security. This company seems to have just about everything one could possibly want with regard to home surveillence.

Got a new babysitter and want to monitor what they are up to ?? Look no further than this gem

and others like the teddy bear camera, the wall clock camera, the smoke detector camera and the houseplant camera in their Hidden Camera section.

And check out the video sunglasses my, my, my....those puppies would come in handy the when the police officer swears before the judge in court that you gave consent to search to vehicle or invited them into your home, or resisted arrest or a multitude of other things that police are prone to testifying to.

Everyone should have a home surveillance system, if for no other reason than to know if the feds have been in your home on a 'sneak and peek' warrant.

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paulie said...

I understand that many departments now record officers in action.

hence all those police videos shows on TV.

Of course it is good to have your own surveillance recorded. Even better to have it running live with redundant server backups on the net. As you may or may not remember me telling you back in Summer '05 when we first talked on the phone.

But in a pinch, you and/or your attorney can also attempt to obtain th e tapes from the PD in question. If you do so, it is best to act as quickly as possible after the incident to lower the chances of the tapes being "destroyed" or "recycled"