Monday, January 29, 2007

Cops Kill 80-year-old Grandpa in FLA

In Jacksonville Florida police officers have killed an 80-year-old grandfather when he tried to stop them from conducting a drug buy in his front yard.

From what I gather Mr. Singletary was a man who did not tolerate any kind of criminal activity around his home and the whole neighborhood knew it. So, when he saw a drug deal taking place in his front yard he went outside with his gun and was BLOWN AWAY by the UNDERCOVER COP who was making the drug buy.

How about that?


Anonymous said...

Technecally he was aiming a gun at a officer! But I think thats really fucked up! But thats what happens in a country that allows fire arms! Thats the real problem! Then theres a problem of the fact that we need to keep arms! Its a lose lose situation all the way around! But yet I own a gun and untill we have a true free country I will continue to take protection into my own hands! Even if it means against this Government! The Revolution is coming!

The Mad Patriot said...

Sure he was aiming a gun at an officer. But the officer was undercover, and was buying drugs on the man's front lawn. There's no excuse for the officer firing on this man. Just like there's no excuse for police officers engaging in entrapment in the first place.

Guns aren't the problem here. If Mr. Singletary had come out with a baseball bat, the situation would likely have been no different. The problem is that to the police, the failed war on drugs is now more important than the lives of the citizens they are supposed to be protecting.

Loretta Nall said...

AMEN Mad Patriot!!

The cops think it is ok to pose as drug dealers on private property and then kill an elderly man for defending his home. The cops had NO RIGHT to be on his property to begin with.

This is the third person the Jacksonville police have murdered in the past three weeks. Today I learned that after this old fellow was shot he ran into his back yard where the cops chased him down and shot him again.

So, where there is no crime the cops pose as criminals and create crime on private property where they had no right to be and then murder an elderly man for defending his property from what he thought was thugs...and he was absolutely right....the cops are thugs.

Anonymous said...

Please know that I agree with your post Loretta. The cops were thugs in this instance and if this is the third killing of this kind by the police in this area; then the people need to do something about the police force there. They are actually creating crime. It is more than sad, it is another abomination.
Also, Anonymous, please know that the Revolution has apparently begun
when our PEACE OFFICERS are creating the crime and the 'deal' and/or arrest is more important than the lives of the citizens, innocent citizens, than we are smack dap in the middle of it, right now. They will not listen, seems the louder we scream the more they shut their ears. And apparently since they can't see that they are wrong, they are blind also. Be well.


Carla Cole said...

This is so sad. For the probably young cop, too.

We'll have to give up on them being bad guys if we want them to give up on us being bad guys. I keep hoping for creatures from outer space to reach us so we have a chance of seeing how really alike we humans are. - Carla in Seattle