Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Doggie Blogging

Well folks my puppy Saul has finally started to settle in with his new family and has begun to calm down and take an interest in the kids. I am very happy about this new development. While, he isn't quite ready to move into the kids rooms or let them take him for a walk, he is initiating fetch games with Alex, as long as I am close by and he loves Bell so much he wags his tail and licks her hand every chance he gets. He also has started to go right up to the kids when he sees them for a sniff as opposed to running away and hiding. He is still a little jumpy when they reach their hand out to him but that will soon pass. I am beginning to think he has some sort of issue with men in general.
Here is Saul with is favorite toy....rollie ball

While Saul has made progress with the kids, we have had no such breakthrough with the cats. He sees them and he wants to chase them and probably eat them. It's as simple as that. I can understand his frustration though. Everytime I put him out on his run to play with him and exercise him every cat I own comes over and sits just out of his reach. They never even fflinch when he reaches the end of the run. Those snotty bastards! It must be maddening for him. I'm sure if I were him and the cats did that to me I would want to eat them too given the chance. It's both funny and a little sad.

Today Saul was fishing underneath the couch (he is a very brave dog...braver than me) and he rooted out a toy dog my daughter got for Christmas a few years ago. It is one of those toy dogs that barks, wags its tail, pants and moves its feet. Saul absolutely LOVES IT. He gnaws and chews and licks and bites and barks and just gets beside himself when the toy comes alive. I'll have to be sure and keep batteries around. My daughter was sweet enough to relenquish ownership once she saw how happy it made him.

This weekend we are building Saul a nice, big outside pen so that he will have a place when I am away from home on buiness stuff. I can't bare the thought of him having to stay in his crate all day until someone gets home to let him out. He'll still be a mostly inside dog though.

As for training....funny thing....the police officer who trains dogs has never returned my call...Imagine that! Looks like it is up to me to train him myself. He is bright and a very quick learner and I know we will do well.

That is about all I have to share for this week. Stay tuned...

Loretta Nall

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